12 febbraio 2009

Morale e mercato

Da qualche tempo gli americani si preoccupano come non mai dell'etica e dei valori nel mercato. Questo ad esempio l'abstract di un articolo dell'ultimo numero di AJS:
Since the 1990s, this market, in which investors buy strangers' life insurance policies, has grown in the face of considerable moral ambivalence. The author uses news reports and interviews to identify and describe three conceptions of this market: sacred revulsion, consumerist consolation, and rationalized reconciliation. Differences among the conceptions are considered in view of the institutional legacy of life insurance and its success in organizing practices, perceptions, and understandings about markets and death. From this case, the author draws implications for analyses of morals in markets, an important and emergent topic within economic sociology. [Sarah Quinn 'The Transformation of Morals in Markets: Death, Benefits, and the Exchange of Life Insurance Policies']

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