19 maggio 2011

Convegno «Leaders and new trends in political communication»

Sabato mattina interverrò con un paper dal titolo «The role of Web 2.0 in Italian local campaigns: the case of 2010 regional elections» al convegno internazionale Leaders and new trends in political communication, che si terrà alla Luiss di Roma.

I relatori delle sessioni principali di venerdì (mattina e pomeriggio) e sabato (mattina) sono : Brian McNair, Sara Bentivegna, Nico Carpentier, Fausto Colombo, Raffaele De Mucci, Sergio Fabbrini, Ivor Gaber, Matthew Hibberd, Michael Higgins, Leonardo Morlino, Edoardo Novelli, Jo Silvester, Mick Temple, Dario E. Viganò, Katrin Voltmer.

Questo l'abstract del mio intervento:
Will Web 2.0 change political participation and civic engagement, and the public sphere in general? How will these changes affect the internal organisation of political parties and their leadership dynamics?

Several hypotheses have been advanced to answer these questions, which are, nonetheless, still open, because of both the rapidity of the technological innovation and the particularities of different national traditions.

During the campaign for the 2010 Italian regional elections, candidates’ activities on the Web have been analysed, with particular attention to their use of  Twitter and other tools designed to improve interactivity (the study will be replicated for the 2011 local elections).

Conclusions can be summarised by saying that Italian candidates have adopted traditional communication strategies, also when using Web 2.0 tools: electoral campaigns are not part of a strategy aimed at involving citizens; electoral websites and social accounts are mostly abandoned after the vote; the mobilisation for supporting campaigns is often encouraged, but a more active participation in deliberative processes is not.

This situation, however, is not so peculiarly “Italian” as it could seem if compared with the Obama 2008 election campaign: in fact, studies conducted in UK and Germany led to similar conclusions.

Il programma completo è disponibile al sito dell'associazione Political Communication.Saturday morning I will be presenting the paper «The role of Web 2.0 in Italian local campaigns: the case of 2010 regional elections» at the international conference Leaders and new trends in political communication.

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